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Bicycle at the boat house was taken during the final sunset of Spring 2020; a Spring no one in the world will soon forget. And thanks to a child who left their bicycle on this pathway, I found a positive forecast for the first day of summer... signs of life! I’ve taken many photos of this boat house, but this is my new fav by far.
Once upon a time, there was a farm on this spot. The farming family and their livestock must have seen this view of the Milky Way a thousand times, but now all that remains is this lone silo standing like a monument to the farm and the people it served under this incredible night sky.
The peaceful view from the uniquely carved sedimentary rocks along the sand-sculpted shores of Lake Ontario near the Lakeview Trail at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County.
Watching the night roll in over Lake Ontario at Sandbanks Provincial Park.
The cottage season is way too short here in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. We brave a long winter that sometimes creeps into spring, longing for the day we can return to our cherished summer cottage resort on East Lake to enjoy the pastoral scenes, the fresh air, and the rejuvenating times on the lake. As the season came to a close for another year, I took this one final photo of the sun setting on our beloved boathouse as a fond farewell until next year.
As the sun rests on the horizon, cottagers gather at the lakeshore to witness the colourful evening spectacle.
County Cottage Life... summertime at the peaceful East Lake Shores of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
Sunsets on East Lake are most often enjoyed to the west, but on this evening, the view to the east was the best light-show of all.
As summer draws to a close for another season at the cottage, we take a front row seat to the greatest show on Earth, and welcome the approach of autumn.
As the second full moon of October rose in the sky above our Prince Edward County cottage farmview, the sun was just setting behind me to create this magical glow on the autumn trees. It felt like nature's version of street lights turning on to signal our time to go home for dinner.
As the sun falls behind the pastoral horizon on East Lake in Prince Edward County, Canada, our cottagers come out to enjoy nature's spectacle, and prepare a campfire on the beach to gather round and celebrate in good company under the stars.
This little lighthouse adorns the beach of our cottage resort, not only as decorative element, but as a lake-depth gauge, as well. This photo shows one of the shallowest depths, while only two years prior, the water-level reached the top of the lighthouse deck.
Blue moon on Halloween... the unusual occurrence of a second full moon in a calendar month. I just had to shoot our enchanted old silo in the rare glow.
End-of-summer sunset on a sunflower field at Cherry Valley in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. While driving through the county on our way home from a last summer-stay at the cottage, my wife wanted to stop for one last ice cream from the local roadside creamery. Pulling into the front of the shop, I noticed a trio of local young teens playfully galloping down the side of the shop and into the vast sunflower field where I had typically only seen corn stalks planted in previous years. The sun was just about setting, so I grabbed my camera from the back of the car and ran down to the field along the path the kids had followed to catch this shot just before the sun disappeared below the horizon. And if you look closely, you'll see the nest of teens huddled just off the beaten path. :D
Strolling along our cottage beach at East Lake in Prince Edward County, Canada, I came across this ladies' sun hat perched on a campfire log-seat just as you see it here. This is during phase one of the re-opening of Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic, so i was careful not to touch the hat or even the perch it's on, for the protection and safety of others as well as myself. So the composition had to be created entirely by my position to the subject, and I'm especially grateful to whomever left their hat here; I think it makes for a really nice subject, and inspires a positive look forward to the summer ahead. :D
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