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Toronto Gold Reflection
Toronto gold in panoramic reflection. As the sun sets behind the Toronto skyline on this scorching hot summer evening, the Toronto skyline lights up for the approaching night in a sea of golden glimmer, and casts a shimmering reflection across the Toronto Harbour.
Autumn Train of Uxbridge
While in the small town of Uxbridge, Ontario, photographing a friend's horses, I drove through town where I came across the old rail yard and this train car abandoned at the end of its useful life. Grey and weathered with age, it spoke to me of a vibrant history well-travelled, and meaningful memories for the thousands of passenger it carried.
Polson Pier Peer Toronto
Witnessing the last great sunset of November 2020 from a pier's eye view.
Toronto Harbour Summer Sunset
There's nothing in the world quite like the majesty of the Toronto skyline in a mid-summer sunset
Toronto City Hall Starry Night
A creative capture of Toronto's City Hall at Nathan Phillip Square skating rink where millions of people come to enjoy winter each year in the heart of downtown. To see it bare like this during any part of winter is rare, and typically only while the Zamboni clears the ice.
Toronto Skyline November Sunset
A dramatic sky encroaching on the Toronto skyline in the twilight of this most turbulent year in our city.
Super Moon Over Broadview Hotel Toronto
The first Super Moon of our year in lockdown presented itself as an irresistible backdrop for the iconic, and beautifully restored Broadview Hotel in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood.
Heavenly Peace at The Broadview Hotel copy
Snowy Night on New Year's Day. The twinkling lights in the window of the boutique at the Broadview Hotel, and the fleeting Queen Street streetcar passing by, gave me a quiet reflection and peace of mind that everything is going to be alright.
Blur Hour Drama on Toronto Skyline
Night falls on the Toronto skyline from a pier's eye view.
Queen Street Night Moves
Driving home late the one night, I was taken by the solitude of the Queen Street Bridge with almost no traffic except the occasional streetcar. It was very quiet and still with a light mist following a warm summer rain, and I couldn't help but notice the early 20th Century industrial-age feel of the scene, and had to juxtapose it with the 21st Century LED lighting of the new Toronto streetcars. I hope you like it as much I do.
Sweet Dreams Toronto
Twilight has a soothing effect for people, even in the city; but with scarcely a soul in sight because of the pandemic lockdown, it can feel a little eerie, as well. And as we settle in our homes for a long winter's nap during this second total lockdown beginning one minute past midnight, I wish everyone good health, safety, and peace until we can meet again in the streets. Sweet dreams, Toronto.
Stellar Toronto
Toronto by night is a stellar sight.
Toronto Gold Reflection Autumn Train of Uxbridge Polson Pier Peer Toronto Toronto Harbour Summer Sunset Toronto City Hall Starry Night Toronto Skyline November Sunset Super Moon Over Broadview Hotel Toronto Heavenly Peace at The Broadview Hotel copy Blur Hour Drama on Toronto Skyline Queen Street Night Moves Sweet Dreams Toronto Stellar Toronto
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