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As I cross this bridge from straight out of a dream-like fairytale and into the basking glow of a new October sunrise, I found myself thinking of all I’d worked for and accomplished to arrive in this solatairy moment of tranquility. It’s the kind of peace you can only experience for a brief time when all roads you’ve ventured suddenly meet to harmonize what seemed to be only organized chaos before. As “Disney” as this marvel of engineering appeared at first, when shared with no one in sight, a gentle morning mountain breeze, and a spectacular rising sun, my trivial thought of grabbing a quick selfie as I walked across soon became a transformative instant of spiritual serenity I’ll never forget. Golden Bridge - Ba Nah Hills - Golden Hands Bridge, Hòa Ninh, Hòa
An Son Village, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City, Vietnam Hasselblad L2D-20c @12mm f/4.5 1/500s ISO 100
Forgotten in Fog
A maritime story with no one left to tell it.
Guiding Light Mont Saint Michel
Blue hour summons the radiance of seaside-wonderland Mont Saint Michel and its guiding beacon on the Normandy coastline.
Foggy Fishing Village
Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia near the port of Lunenburg, is home to several fishing villages including this one at the very land's end to the Atlantic Ocean where heavy fog set in for me to capture the rich detail, and historic character of the fisherman's homes while their boat were out at sea.
Bamboo Forest of Mu Cang Chai
Bamboo Forest of Mu Cang Chai: Mu Cang Chi is not only known for its beautiful terraced rice fields but also this spectacular bamboo forest planted more than 60 years ago. And did you know bamboo is actually a type of grass? I didn't, but Daniel Kordon standing beside me as I took this shot shared that fact. It turns out bamboos are a diverse group of mostly evergreen perennial flowering plants making up the subfamily bambusoideae of the grass family poaceae. Now we all know! :D Nikon Z8 w/ Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S @ 14mm 1/100 sec f/5.6 ISO 1000
Skógafoss Iceland
At 200 feet high, Skógafoss is one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls; more than 20 feet taller than Niagara Falls, on average. The enormity and beauty draws people two hours from Reykjavík just for selfies at this remarkable place. In fact, there are thousands of photos online of Skogafoss in full view and in all its glory, but for me, to capture the true power and awe of this iconic cataract, my friend, here, gracious agreed to step up to the falls and embrace the deafening roar long enough for me to freeze the torrential impact.
Kirkjufell Iceland
Kirkjufell: I was so excited to finally see this must-photograph location in person. I had seen hundreds of photos and was still awe-struck to be here. Arguably the most iconic location on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, and likely the most photographed mountain in Iceland, Kirkjufellsfoss is situated 185 km from the capitol city of Reykjavík. The mountain's positioning with Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall and its unique shape draws tourists from around the world. Somewhat resembling a house of worship, the name Kirkjufell accordingly means Church Mountain. And on this particular day, we arrived just as the rain was clearing off to the east to reward our timing with some kisses of light on the mountain top, and a rainbow to finish off the incredible scene.
Ice Age
Thousands of years carving through the volcanic landscape of Iceland, this mammoth glacial wall postures for its final descent into the ocean never to be seen in this form again.
Sunset on Mu Can Chai
Rice Fields of Mu Cang Chai: September to October is harvest season in the rice fields of Mu Cang Chai and the Tu Le Valley in Vietnam. Here the women who work the fields, seen here in traditional Vietnamese dress, admire the year's abundant crop and prepare the next generation to tend this extraordinary agricultural landscape for the future.
Nikon Z9 | Z 24-120mm f/4 S | @24mm f/11 1/60s ISO 100 3-shot bracket +/- 2.0
Diamond Beach Treasure
Huge chunks of glacial ice famously float downstream from the inland icebergs of Jökulsárlón Lagoon, and wash up here on the silky black sand of Diamond Beach. But on this evening, the North Atlantic tide delivered something special directly to my feet: a full sized, 20 lb whale vertebrae. I felt blessed to capture it with the ice for over 5 minutes before another huge wave flooded the shore, along with my boots, to retrieve this magnificent artifact of a life that once ruled these waters.
Sunrise on Mu Cang Chai
We arrived here on motorcycles up steep mountain roads in the dark to witness first light on these amazing rice fields. The pride of generations of Vietnamese families has gone into the pristine beauty we see before us.
Fort Myers Sunset
I was honoured to have this photo was featured by Fort Myers Lifestyle Magazine to celebrate Earth Day 2020 while promoting doing our part by remaining in isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Diamond in the Sand
Fresh ice ashore at Diamond Beach, Iceland. The name, Diamond Beach, is a made-up name for tourists, but quite fitting considering the sparkling jewels it harbors like this one. For those true to geography,thought, the real name of this magical place is either Vestri-Fellsfjara or Eystri-Fellsfjara depending on which side of the Jökulsá River you are. I was on the Eystri-Fellsfjara side to capture this image.
Raspberry Hill
Ascending steep mountain roads on motorcycle taxis in the dark, we reached the enchanting Đồi Mâm xôi, or Raspberry Hill, in Mu Cang Chai. Here, under the first light, we marveled at the breathtaking terraced rice fields, a sight that becomes especially captivating when the rice is ripe as it was here in late September. Nestled in Han Chong village, La Pan Tan commune, these hills are aptly named for their terraced fields, resembling the round shape of ripe raspberries, attracting tourists seeking the beauty of Mu Cang Chai. Nikon Z9 | Z 24-120 f/4 S @33m f/11 1/6s ISO 64
Solitude Forgotten in Fog Guiding Light Mont Saint Michel Foggy Fishing Village Bamboo Forest of Mu Cang Chai Skógafoss Iceland Kirkjufell Iceland Ice Age Sunset on Mu Can Chai Diamond Beach Treasure Sunrise on Mu Cang Chai Fort Myers Sunset Diamond in the Sand Raspberry Hill
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