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Seljalandsfoss Iceland
On our last, and what would become our longest single-day journey in Iceland starting before sunrise on Black Sand Beach and ending in the early following-morning hours on an erupting volcano, we stopped for photos and a good soaking here at Seljalandsfoss, a 60 meter (200 feet) waterfall situated on the south coast. Seljalandsfoss is on the river Seljalandsá (or Seljalands River), which begins under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. These sheer cliffs were notably once the South Iceland coastline, although the shore has now settled in the distance across a long stretch of lowlands, miles away. Incidentally, the volcano beneath the glacier Eyjafjallajökull where these waters began, was responsible for the infamous eruption that razed havoc for cross-Atlantic air-travel in 2010.
Reynisdrangar Iceland
Towering off the black sand coast of Reynisfjara Beach near the village of Vík in south Iceland, stands Reynisdrangar, the magnificent black basalt columns featured in Season 7 of Game of Thrones as Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Taken at sunrise on a particularly windy morning, we were repeatedly warned of the imminent danger of treading too closely to the waves that have become infamous for washing people out to sea forever from right off the sand. I didn't have to be told twice and found safe shelter behind the rocks.
Seward, Alaska
Along the AK1 Seward Highway in Alaska, runs a single train track for both directions of the 60 miles between Whittier and Anchorage with stunning views of the Chugach Mountains and the Turnagain Arm seaway. I chose this location on this night as a sort of bon vouage to my mother, the incredibly talented Canadian fine artist, Diann Haist, who painted here for 22 years before passing away just the day before. This was one of my ways of sending her into infinity with peace and the beauty of a landscape she loved.
Sunset Fishing
County Cottage Life... summertime at the peaceful East Lake Shores of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
Clam Pass Beach Pelican Watch.5
Ruling the Roost - the last shot I could take this day before the sunset disappeared is this one of a lone pelican standing watch over the flock. . . so commanding.
Santa Monica Pier Sunset
California is never better looking than as the sun dips behind the horizon and the city lights begin to appear.
Bicycle at the Boathouse
Bicycle at the boat house was taken during the final sunset of Spring 2020; a Spring no one in the world will soon forget. And thanks to a child who left their bicycle on this pathway, I found a positive forecast for the first day of summer... signs of life! I’ve taken many photos of this boat house, but this is my new fav by far.
Fort Myers Sunset
I was honoured to have this photo was featured by Fort Myers Lifestyle Magazine to celebrate Earth Day 2020 while promoting doing our part by remaining in isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Moon Over the Lifeguard Station
Full moon rising over the Leuty Lifeguard Station, one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks since 1920. This photo of "the Station" was taken not long after Toronto's Beach Residents celebrated its 100th year anniversary with a plaque commemorating the milestone, as well as safeguarding it as an official historic treasure. Lifeguards based here are credited with saving more than 6,000 lives, and it continues its service still today. In fact, two former lifeguards have been friends of mine and of my family for many years, one of whom raised the funds needed to save and restore the old Leuty, and the other who has recently purchased a copy of this print.
Blue Moon Over Famview
As the second full moon of October rose in the sky above our Prince Edward County cottage farmview, the sun was just setting behind me to create this magical glow on the autumn trees. It felt like nature's version of street lights turning on to signal our time to go home for dinner.
Blue Moon Silo
On this rare occasion of a second full moon appearing in the same calendar month, and here on Halloween, no less, I had to stake my claim or it with the enchanted old silo on our cottage resort in Prince Edward County.
Sunflower Sunset - Prince Edward County
End-of-summer sunset on a sunflower field at Cherry Valley in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. While driving through the county on our way home from a last summer-stay at the cottage, my wife wanted to stop for one last ice cream from the local roadside creamery. Pulling into the front of the shop, I noticed a trio of local young teens playfully galloping down the side of the shop and into the vast sunflower field where I had typically only seen corn stalks planted in previous years. The sun was just about setting, so I grabbed my camera from the back of the car and ran down to the field along the path the kids had followed to catch this shot just before the sun disappeared below the horizon. And if you look closely, you'll see the nest of teens huddled just off the beaten path. :D
Seljalandsfoss Iceland Reynisdrangar Iceland Seward, Alaska Sunset Fishing Clam Pass Beach Pelican Watch.5 Santa Monica Pier Sunset Bicycle at the Boathouse Fort Myers Sunset Moon Over the Lifeguard Station Blue Moon Over Famview Blue Moon Silo Sunflower Sunset - Prince Edward County
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